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Letter of Recommendation

"Peter Silva always has the client's best interests at heart. He strives to provide superior products and services that benefit the client, first and foremost. If Pete doesn't have a product offering that is a "fit" for a particular project, he'll seek out a solution outside his product line."

  • Jack Kane
  • President

SPEA America

Letter of Recommendation

"For over a decade, SPEA America has been delighted to have SilvaCo as our Sales Representative in northern California. During this time, the professional relationship as flourished well beyond the most optimistic forcasts. The work ethics and diligence we have received from SilvaCo has helped re-shape the SPEA brand presence in the mentioned sales territory."

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
  • Regional Sales Manager


Zollner Elektronik AG

Letter of Recommendation

"I have worked with Pete Silva (SilvaCo) for many years. Pete is always on top of everything being extremely responsive, presenting existing and new products he represents and setting up various informative meetings with respective Manufacturers with whom we are engaged as well as those we may engage with in the future."

  • Bill Carlton
  • Engineer Manager

Venture VM Services, Inc.

Letter of Recommendation

"In addition to supplying us with products and equipment, Pete Silva keeps us abreast of new technologies and is always willing to share the latest technological innovation. Pete Silva has become a trusted resource and partner."

  • Adzahar Samat
  • Senior Engineering Manager


Letter of Recommendation

"Pete is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the electronic packaging and production industry. His list of customers and sources is encyclopedic. He is a good person to compare notes and perform sanity checks with, ..."

  • Robert A. Boguski, Jr.
  • President